Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas in Rome

This will be my third Christmas living in Rome, and I am developing a few favourites, especially the lovely Christmas lights, and the massive holiday tree in Piazza San Pietro at the Vatican.

For a chance of pace, a Christmas tree in the piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina seems to be decorated with movie film and is sitting on a giant film reel - perhaps in honour of the former Etoile cinema in the square that is now a very large and beautiful Louis Vuitton store (which runs old movies in the store in honour of its origins as a cinema.)

I really love Christmas lights!

On Rome's central Via del Corso, the lights this year are decorated in the colours of the Gay Pride flag (which caused some controversy on city council!) 

Meanwhile, as I was walking around the Vatican today, to see how Christmas preparations were going, I took a few photos from outside the rear walls of Vatican City.

Buon Natale!


Annie said...

Wonderful shots, Sandra, and thanks so much for sharing these. I love seeing what Rome looks like at this time of year. And even a gay pride flag in lights?! Wow, very cool.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra,

Happy Holidays! Thanks so much for sharing Rome with us during this Holiday season. The trees are beautifully decorated and I love seeing Holiday lights too. I also think the gay pride flag in lights is very cool!

Have a wonderful Holiday celebration in Rome and a Safe, Healthy & Happy New Year! Buon Natale & Best Wishes from California!

sandrac said...

Hi Annie, Merry Christmas! I love those lights and remain pretty amazed at what Rome's new mayor has been able to accomplish, including a dramatic reduction in traffic (and smog!) around the Colosseum.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Ciao Kathy, Buon Natale to you in sunny California, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!