Saturday, 30 March 2013

Good Friday in Rome

On Good Friday last year, I was curious to attend as the Pope led the traditional Catholic "Way of Cross" procession around the Colosseum, and it was a wonderful experience.

But this year, I felt like a less crowded and more casual sort of day - so I met an Italian friend for coffee and language practice at the Piazza del Popolo.

For another change of pace, I thought I would photograph the statues around the piazza in a different way, getting up close to a few of the statues and even a few of the regular feline residents there.

That's the back of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea who watches over the oval-shaped piazza and below, one of the scary dolphins that assists him.

On the other side of the piazza, another fierce dolphin (why do artists make them look so war-like? I guess if you're a guard dolphin,  you've got to be a fighter.) This one guards the patron goddess of Rome, Roma.

Here's the goddess Roma and a few of her sidekicks resting below the Pincio Hill and the Villa Borghese.

And of course there are the cats that live in the small parks and grass around the edges of the piazza. Some cats don't seem that interested in visitors....

Yet others are very curious and by the looks of the ribs on this poor little fellow, hungry for some food and affection, and willing to pose for both!


Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra, I remember how big this piazza but I can barely remember the statues so it was wonderful to see them again through your photos. Today must be exciting in Rome as this is the first Easter Sunday with the new pope.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Annie said...

Love this post, great photos! Sounds like a perfect way to spend Good Friday. Love seeing the Roman kitties.