Sunday 25 January 2015

A Sunday stroll around Ancient Rome

I must apologize for being such a lazy blogger but in my defence, working full time these days as a news editor and rewriter saps my writing energy. 

However, I marked my third anniversary living in Rome several weeks ago, a milestone that made me even more reflective than usual, reminding me how much I enjoyed blogging.

So, today I remembered to carry my cellphone (with camera) as I took a Sunday walk on my usual route: over the Capitoline Hill, past the medieval San Giorgio in Velabro below the Palatine Hill, alongside Circus Maximus, over the Celio, and around the Colosseo.

I don't always swing by San Giorgio although it is very interesting. Built in the 7th century, the small medieval sits on very low ground not too far from the Tiber and the frantic church Santa Maria in Cosmedin which hosts the Mouth of Truth. I say frantic because there is not only a major traffic intersection there, but also loads of tourists queue up to jam their hands into the old manhole cover that Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck made so famous in the film " Roman Holiday".

Nearby is the fourth-century Arch of Janus, the only quadrifrons triumphal arch preserved in Rome, and apparently given that name during the Renaissance. (It dominates the landscape in the top photo of this post.)

From there, I walk below the Palatine Hill where there once stood what would have been the most beautiful palazzos of Ancient Rome.

And below, Circus Maximus as the ancient site looks today, used for rock concerts, political rallies and various other events. Also, a dog park.