Wednesday 8 July 2015

A book contest with a fabulous prize

My friend Letizia is organizing a contest to be held next week - i.e. July 13 - to help promote her fabulous new cookbook that is now available on Amazon!

While I would love to win that pumpkin-sausage lasagna pictured above, I could actually make it quite easily from the recipe in Letizia's A Kitchen With A View. I am just lazy.

But the grand prize that Letizia is offering is a very lovely wine from a posh vineyard  -  Il Moro di Sangiovanni in Val d'Oricia - owned by friends of Letizia, making for the perfect food and wine paring.

Here are the contest rules (and as a teaser,  a photo of Letizia's incredible Limoncello Profiterolls, from A Kitchen With A View.)

Says Letizia: "The event will take place on my birthday, July 13 and to celebrate I am offering to a randomly chosen participant one fabulous Magnum bottle of 2010 Il Moro di Sangiovanni award winning wine which will be shipped to your home (retail value about 100€)
Shipping is available to North America or Europe.

"Here is how to enter:

1. Please wait until July 13

2. Review "A Kitchen With A View" on the above page, then on your blog or on another website if you can (e.g. Goodreads)

3. If you were planning to buy more books for Christmas or other celebrations please buy them on July 13 if possible

4. Please tell friends to participate to this event either with reviews (if they have the book) and/or with purchases

5. So that I can add you to the draw, please write a comment in the timeline of this Facebook page set up for the book, and post here your reviews/blog articles, don't forget to also like the page please!"