Saturday, 1 October 2011

Moving to Rome: What am I going to eat?

Actually, the better question might be: how am I going to select what to eat? There is such a remarkable abundance of fantastic, fresh, simple food to be found in Italy. that I'll certainly be overwhelmed by choices.

And I'm not even a foodie! But thanks to my dear friend Letizia, I have learned how to choose excellent ingredients: good balsamico, excellent olive oil, the best pastas.

There are also many wonderful markets in Rome with a wealth of fresh, seasonal vegetables so that I can have a healthy diet and not feel too guilty about the occasional gelato.

Imagine: choosing great vegetables that haven't seen more of the world than I have! No more picking over apples from New Zealand, carrots from California, tomatoes and sweet peppers from Chile. Seriously: the produce in Ottawa supermarkets has collected more frequent flier points than I could ever hope for.

Here's an interesting market that is only a 15-minute walk, or one subway stop, from my new apartment in Rome: Mercato di Piazza Vittorio

Apparently, this was once among the most lively and popular markets with people in Rome. The many stalls offer a large variety of fruit and vegetables as well as other types of food, including specialties from all over the world.According to the blog, Spotted by Locals:  “...You should visit the Esquilino market (better known as the Piazza Vittorio market) not only for its cheap groceries, but also to witness Rome’s slow progression into a multicultural city, catering to the diverse needs of immigrants."

Sounds interesting!

The market, which was once located on the Piazza Vittorio, is now found inside the former Centrale del Latte (a dairy) nearby in Via Principe Amedeo.

Saltimbocca and fresh green beans prepared at Letizia's in June! Yum!


Anonymous said...

yum. You'll have to learn how to make the perfetto cacio e pepe - it's one of my favourites in Rome!

I love checking out the markets in Italy - I always want to buy things to take home and cook up.

sandrac said...

Jerry, I'm also a huge fan of cacio e pepe. CollenC has suggested I make it my mission to find the perfetto example of this in Rome, but a little experimenting in my tiny kitchen could also be helpful.

TourMama Judy said...

Sandra - love your new blog, and am looking forward to traveling along with you!

Kathy (Trekcapri) said...

Hi Sandra, my favorite food in the world is Italian. Sounds like you're prepared to do some shopping and cooking of delicious Italian meals....Leticia sounds like a wonderful teacher. And how cool to have
such an interesting market close to your apartment. I found the description very inviting.

sandrac said...

Thanks Judy! Glad to have you with me.

Hi Kathy -- I definitely intend to take advantage of all the wonderful vegetables and fruits that I'll find. Although my kitchen is tiny, I'm sure I'll be able to prepare some interesting meals (which will be much less expensive than eating out!)

Palma said...

I am SO excited for you! (and jealous!) You will have SO much fun and adventure. We were in Rome for just a day on this trip, and I thought of you wandering your neighborhood streets as a local!

Love your new blog!

sandrac said...

Thanks Palma! Hope you had a wonderful trip.

Annie said...

Trying again....:)

Maybe third time's the charm?

Shelagh (SJ) said...

I just got back from a trip to the UK last night, and am already planning for Italy in April!
So I just looked in to see your newest plans; I think it helps to share them with us all, as then you can sort of rationalize things to yourself.
What date is "Lift-Off?!!!!?

sandrac said...

Yay, Annie! It finally worked! I'm very happy to hear from you (I had been worried that I had made a muddle of my comments settings.)

Welcome home Shelagh, I hope you enjoyed the UK. I wonder if our paths will cross in Italy next spring? I leave for Rome on Nov. 30 and it really helps me to write about my fears and nervousness. Just seeing the words makes me realize how ridiculous(or how pointless)my fears can be!

Annie said...

Yay! Glad I can comment now. I love your new blog and am so excited for you!

Eden said...

So much excitement await you! How wonderful to look forward to a new adventure. I am majorly jealous. I am looking forward to travel and enjoy this adventure with you, vicariously of course.

sandrac said...

Thanks Annie! I'm also very glad you can now post!

Anonymous said...

Sandra dearest you know what will happen? you will arrive here and you will instinctively feel home. You'll go to the market and buy some good stuff and pop it in the pan and enjoy every moment of it. You'll make friends with the market people and the butcher and they will give you recipes. Everybody loves to talk about food in Italy, reliable help is guaranteed!

sandrac said...

Ciao Letizia -- what encouraging words, thank you! My problem will likely be narrowing down all of my choices!

See you soon!