Monday, 25 November 2013

Autumn in Umbria

Living in Rome is often an adventure and always interesting, but sometimes it is a great relief to get out of town to visit the region of Umbria, which I consider to be my sanctuary.

My dear friend Mary took me on some lovely roads recently to enjoy the fall colours and an incredible lunch in a fantastic, rustic restaurant called Serpillo in the tiny bongo of Torre del Colle.

It sits atop a hill looking down on the delightful town of Bevagna.

Mary explained that the red vines blanketing some fields so beautifully are the remains of the noble Sagrantino, source of such great Umbrian wines.

Most of the olives have now been picked and pressed into wonderful oil - I especially love Umbrian olive oil. I am excited to try Mary's Genius Loci oil this year, only a few days old!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots - funny to think of autumn in Italy given that we have moved quickly into winter here. SIGH