Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lions and Griffins and David…oh my!

One of the things I enjoy about Rome's Capitoline Museums is that they offer a very eclectic blend of different forms of art, from different ages, as well as Roman history and archaeology.

I popped in on Saturday for a few hours -- it is only a 10-minute walk from my house if I cut through Trajan's Forum.

As it happened, the Museums were hosting a small Michelangelo exhibition that included a decent copy of his famous and spectacular statue of David, generally associated with the beautiful Republic of Florence.

So, in keeping with the vivid mix of art to be found in the Capitoline Museums, here are a few shots from my visit there.

At the top is, of course, the fake David in the courtyard of the museum with the giant head of a felled statue of Constantine in the background.

I must always visit Marcus Aurelius on his bronze horse, the original statue protected indoors with a copy placed outside in the Campidoglio (a piazza designed, of course, by Michelangelo).

Nearby, a small funerary marker with some dogs that I like very much:

A random shot of the Republican Forum.

Inside the Palazzo Nuovo, I find my favourite mythical creatures including a satyr and a griffin.

And a real, marble lion!

On the second floor of the Palazzo Nuovo, I was also able to get a decent shot of the beautiful mosaics over a side door of the splendid Santa Maria in Ara Coeli church, also on the capital hill.


Anonymous said...

Funny how after 5 trips to Rome I have yet to get to this museum. I've walked around it many times but have never ventured inside. One of these days . . .

Annie said...

How lucky to be a 10 minute walk away from all these treasures! I love the dogs and that Madonna in the last photo is gorgeous.

Hope you are having a great summer!

Kathryn said...

Another Christmas in Rome - that makes three years - awesome. We've been discussing a trip - so perhaps we'll be able to stop by for a coffee.

sandrac said...

Ciao Kathryn,
You are right, I recently marked my third anniversary and have been meaning to post about that.

It will be great if you visit in 2015, I would love to meet your husband and to see you again after so long.

Meanwhile, Buon Natale!