Saturday 22 October 2011

What do I need for my move to Italy?

A week from now, the movers come to empty out my apartment here in Ottawa. I really love this apartment, so I'm feeling wistful.

I'm also feeling rather stressed: I need to decide what shall I keep with me to take to Italy, and what shall I leave for movers to pack into storage?

Lists. I do know I need lots of lists.

I know that I'll definitely need:

1. European passport? Check!
2. Lots of money? Not possible, so check that right off.
3. Sense of humour? Check!
4. Good Italian language skills? Well, I'm working on it....
5. Thick skin since I'm sure to be mocked for weak Italian language skills? Check!
6. A job. I'm working on that and have some Check!

Since economics and Air Canada dictate I can only take two suitcases, I've got to narrowly define the essentials and jam 'em in.

So what is really essential?

1.   Shoes (Italian shops don't carry large enough sizes for my long, elegant feet.)
1a. Dress shoes for work, when I find it.
1b. Casual shoes (but not too casual)
1c. One pair of running shoes for serious walks/gym
1d. One pair of boots (water and snow proof, not terribly fashionable.)

Yikes! That's one suitcase filled right there! I think I'm in trouble.

2.  Some work clothes i.e. decent skirts, blazers, a few sweaters, dress pants.
3.  More casual clothes for all the time I'm not working. Well, that will mostly be the work      clothes again. I'm in Europe; you just don't wear casual clothes on city streets!
4.  Really casual clothes, such as a couple pair of yoga pants and T-shirts that will never leave the apartment!
5.  A pair of jammies, sox, etc.

Yeesh. This is getting ugly. I've mentally filled two suitcases already! And that doesn't include:

6.   Personal papers, banking records, receipts. I'll be doing all my banking via Internet, which is really helpful. But I'll have to file my Canadian income taxes early next year. This is REALLY important because I'm expecting a refund. Whew!
7.   A few favourite books. I know; I can buy books in Rome. But everyone has a few favourites that they like to re-read.
8.   My favourite mug, a few small family photos and of course Teddy. After all, I'm not going to prison for heaven's sake. I'm allowed to have a few treasures.
9.   A lot of electronics.

What have I forgotten?

(BTW, photos from the blog: Fashiontweed)


Colleen said...

Love your new blog title! It looks great. I can't help with packing list, sorry. :)

btw - I saw a facebook group and thought of you: Art Travel Bloggers.

Anne said...

Not to add to your overflowing suitcases, but...I might tuck in one or two favourite DVDs for those evenings when all I want to do is curl up with my blankie and watch Mama Mia (or whatever).

I am SO excited for you!!!! Can't believe moving day is almost here.

Jane said...

re. dvd's. If you get a vpn, you can steam movies from Netflix.

I can sense your excitement right through the airways. really is going to come true and happen. Can't wait to read your posts from there.

sandrac said...

Thanks Colleen. I'm going to go check out that FB group. I haven't been blogging about art as much as I would like, but wait until I get to Rome! So much there to chose from.

Hi Anne -- I had the same thoughts, so I'm packing about 10 favourite films (I've taken them out of their bulky DVD boxes and put them into small CD cases.) I know I'll have to watch them on my laptop, but that's fine.

Thanks for all the advice and support, Jane. And if I'm able to stay in Italy, I'll be looking into Netflix (love my movies!)

Kathryn said...

A week from now? Wow that time has gone fast. Did you ever write why you picked Roma? Just wondering. I agree with the minimal casual. I use to think people were abusing the carry on rules, but when I finally read them, they are quite generous (some airlines at least) giving separate laptop, purse and carry on allocation - use it to the max - that may give you some breathing room.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra, I just saw your count down clock. Five more weeks until Rome. Wow, that's very exciting.

Packing is so stressful for me just to go for 3 weeks. I can't even imagine what it is like for you to pack for your move.

It sounds like everything is on the right track. And in the end . . . . Rome awaits you.

Anonymous said...

Sandra, as long as you bring your memorable sense of humor you'll be fine!

sandrac said...

Hi Kathryn, sometimes it feels more like time is crawling by! And to be clear, I'm moving out of my apartment this weekend, then staying with friends until the end of November (I could face dealing with packers and movers at the same time I was flying out of Canada!)

I chose Rome because I think I'll have the best shot of finding work there.

sandrac said...

Thank you Kathy -- those are very encouraging words!

Hello Letizia, that's perfect advice for just about any situation. Thanks!

nancyhol said...

I am always amazed at how much space electronics take up!
I hope you can squeeze all of the essentials in those two suitcases.

sandrac said...

Thanks Nancy! Look out Air Canada, I'll be squeezing every ounce out of my baggage allowance.

Annie said...

Leads on a job - that's awesome! Way to go!

I bet it does feel strange to pack and store all the things in your apartment. But how exciting that it's getting so close...Good luck with getting it all into your bags. :)

Zerlina said...

Have you thought of investing in a Kindle for reading? 1. Kindle books are cheaper than print books (and a *lot* cheaper than English-language books in Italy). 2. You get them more or less instantly instead of days later.

Wear the boots to save packing space. Take booties to wear on the plane and tuck your boots under your seat.

sandrac said...

Hi Annie, thanks! Right now, it doesn't feel as much fun as I know it will in only a few weeks time!

Zerlina, thanks for the suggestion. I had thought about a Kindle but I've hestitated at the thought of the initial cash outlay. But over the medium-term, it would probably prove quite cost-effective.

girasoli said...

I have such a hard time packing just for a trip. Can't imagine narrowing down what to take with all that would be on my list (like on your list) to fit into the allowed airline baggage. I hope you take photos of what you end up taking.