Sunday 16 February 2014

A spring day in historic Rome

After what seemed like weeks of rain through January and well into February, causing major flooding, landslides and train derailments all over Italy, today was finally sunny and warm so I took a long Sunday walk around the Celian Hill near the Colosseum. The Celian was, of course, one of Rome's famous Seven Hills dating from the Republican era.

I was surprised to see these blossoms above on one lone bush…..

And at a religious house on the Celian, someone has planted happy, smiling daffodils!

Or course, I cannot resist a fruit tree photo as I never before lived in a place with so many lovely fruit trees that seem to produce year round!

Nice to see so much greenery on the Celian at the historic chiesa di Santi Giovanni and Paolo, which has its roots in a 2nd century house church and boasts a wonderful bell tower and monastery.

And across from the Celian are the ruins of the great houses on the Palatine Hill.

A close up of the Colosseo, which is partly clad these days in scaffolding as it receives a much-needed cleaning.

Back on the Celian, a lovely mosaic on a church near the entrance to the Villa Celimontana, which has wonderful gardens that were originally connected with the Baths of Caracalla which lie below.

And this fellow lounges just above the Baths of Caracalla


Kathryn said...

extremely jealous - I wish I could be lounging just above the Baths of Caracalla - take care :-) kv

girasoli said...

Hi Sandra,

Love these photos, especially the last one!

Hope the weather stays warm for you!

sandrac said...

Ciao Kathryn, I have been hearing about all the cold and snow in Alberta….hope your winter ends soon!

Hi Girasoli! He is fun, isn't he? I hope that all is well with you!

Annie said...

Beautiful photos! Roma looks almost tropical in one of these.