Sunday, 22 January 2012

A few days in Assisi

With my brother visiting me in Rome for three weeks, we have the time to indulge in some very Slow Travel!

A few days ago, we headed up to Assisi, one of my favourite places, so Kelly could see the hometown of St. Francis and its many beautiful sites.

It was a bit cold up in the mountains, as you can see by the ice on this poor lion in the fountain in Assisi's central piazza!

But we also had clear blue skies most of the time, perfect for exploring:

Such a beautiful town!

And I always love the reliefs on Assisi's ancient churches:

Thanks to my blogging friend Annie, I now keep an eye out for lovely street shrines. This one stood a little too directly in the sun, so Mary and baby Jesus are in shadows. Still, it was lovely and very well kept.

Best of all, my dear friend Letizia came down to pick up my brother and me and take us up to her beautiful home so Kelly could see the gorgeous countryside above Assisi -- and taste her delicious crostada!


Annie said...

I love Assisi and hope to return there someday. The shrine is lovely and I like the shadow play! Hope that you and your brother continue to have lots of fun and safe travels.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

A double treat! A day in Assisi and Letizia's crostada.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra,

How cool that you and your brother had a chance to visit Assisi. Your photos are beautiful and that was so nice of your friend Letizia to pick you and Kelly up for a visit at her beautiful home.

I love the flowers around the street shrine and thanks to Annie's influence I also find myself admiring street shrines when traveling.

Wishing you and your brother more wonderful times exploring Italy. Safe travels and keep on having fun.

Jane said...

Sandra, how fun to have your brother there to show off you love--Italy. I envy your time with Letizia, too. Hope you are feeling better for Venice.

sandrac said...

Hi Annie, with your eye for beautiful street shrines, I'm sure you'd discover treasures the rest of us would miss!

Sandi, the crostada was fantastic!

Thanks so much, Kathy! Annie really has trained us well :)! I hope you have a great week.

Thanks Jane, but I've cancelled Venice. I still feel like the end of a misspent life, so we've decided to make a day trip to Florence instead. Frankly, I think my brother is more interested in Florance anyway!

Kathryn said...

Oh Florence, say Hi to David for me. Take a photo, they just reprimand you a little... Off to find that crostada recipe :-)

menehune said...

Ah, firenze! You can't find an idle moment in that city! Great that your brother was able to meet Letizia too! You must be feeling a bit better.

Anne said...

Assisi is magical, isn't it? I love that town...and it has a special place in my heart now, being the first hill town I ever drove through! (It was our first stop after leaving Rome last summer.)

Your vote to focus on Florence gets a hearty nod of agreement from me! I do find Venice wonderful, but Florence has my heart. My solo time there a few years ago was exquisite, my soul yearns to return. Good thing I get to "go" there frequently with my blog friends!

girasoli said...

Brrrr! I would say it is cold with ice on the fountain! Love the photo.

So glad you were able to take your brother to a place you love and what a bonus to get to visit with Letizia!