Saturday, 4 February 2012

I wasn't expecting THIS much snow!!!!

No wonder these poor river gods in Piazza del Popolo look disgruntled -- snow in Rome! And a lot of it (especially for Rome.)

It began to fall mid-day Friday and continued through the night. I was really shocked when I rose at 7 a.m. Saturday to see how much snow had fallen. Parts of Rome saw up to 10 centimeters (about 4 inches) of snow, the most seen here since the mid-1980s. The City of Roma ordered cars without chains off the streets, and many buses just couldn't make it up Rome's hills.

I had an appointment early Saturday morning for a chest X-ray, due to my raging cough, and the clinic was near Piazza del Popolo, allowing me to get these photos. The clinic was understandably flooded with real emergencies, so I'll return next week.

Meanwhile, I'll stay home and wait for the snow to pass -- unlike many Romans who are running about taking photos of this rare phenomena.


Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra, I'm sorry to hear that yo have a very bad cough. I hope you get better soon.

And of all years for Rome to receive a snowy winter. I know that you have had enough of snow in winters past. Maybe it won't last too long. I must admit though that the photos of Rome under a blanket of snow is very pretty.

Keep warm and take care of yourself. Feel better soon.

sandrac said...

Hi Kathy,

This really has been a terrible flu/chest infection that has its grip on me. Even my asthma, which has been under control for years, is acting up. And you know that horrible feeling, when you just can't catch your breath. Hopefully, the antibiotics I'm on will stop this soon.

Then, I can get out and really enjoy the snow! (Well, okay, that's stretching things a bit.)

Hope all is well with you!

menehune said...

Oh, hope you will feel better soon and you get the antibiotics in you quickly. BUT lovely, unusual photos of Rome. I know, you just really don't want to get back to Italian classes!

Colleen said...

Fantastic photos! Looks pretty, but I'm gladm in sunny California. :) Although ... I'd love to see snow drifting in to the Pantheon from the oculus ...

Kathryn said...

I would be more surprised to find "cars with chains" in Roma. Take care, stay warm, this too will pass.

Barbara said...

Hi Sandra! Sorry you're feeling a bit under the weather, but it looks like a good time to stay at home curled up with a good book. Have you been in contact with our friend Rachele yet? Take care, and feel better soon!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What a sight to see. I'm glad you snapped a few photos~ and that you were smart enough to tuck yourself back in at home.
Stay warm, and stay well!

sandrac said...

Thanks menehune -- I suspect my class doesn't want me back; at least, not when I'm coughing and disrupting things!

Colleen, the snow really is beautiful and so unusual!

Hi Kathryn, I think it would only be visitors from Umbria who actually owned chains (even after so many years in snowy Alberta, I wouldn't know how to put 'em on the car!)

Barbara, you're so right. And I'll be emailing Rachele soon.

Thanks, Sandi -- I'll be staying in with a good book in Italian, of course!

girasoli said...

Sandra, I am so sorry that you have been so sick. I hope you are able to get to a doctor and you are feeling better soon.

Snow!! What a strange year! Steamboat still has had only a few days of snow and nothing big and Rome got dumped on. Cool photos!

Take Care!!

Anne said...

The unusual snowfall in Rome even made it into our local paper in Halifax...thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!

So sorry you are still feeling sick. I'll be keeping you in my prayers for healing.

sandrac said...

Hi Girasoli, this has been a weird winter, hasn't it? I hate to think of what summer will have in store! The antibiotics are really kicking in now, so I'm feeling much better, thanks.

Thanks, Anne, for the prayers -- I appreciate them! This was a very vicious bug that got me. Hope that all is well with you (and that Halifax doesn't have any snow this year!)

Susie L said...

The photos are beautiful Sandra, but I am so sorry to hear how sick you have been. I am glad you are feeling better. Take good care of yourself!