Saturday, 11 May 2013

Letizia's beautiful holiday apartment

My dear friend Letizia has a beautiful B&B, a true oasis in the mountains above Assisi that gives the visitor the perfect break from the sometimes-frantic pace of travel.

And now, she has added a really lovely holiday apartment attached to the B&B where she and her family live! I recently had a tour of the new spot and it looks perfect: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an excellent kitchen that is fully equipped (naturally, as an expert cook, Letizia would pay close attention to the kitchen) to say nothing of all of her beautiful views across the valley to Assisi.

The furniture was selected with care and an eye to authenticity, as were the cool tile floors, linens and of course, new firm beds. The perfect escape.

In this blog post two years ago, Letizia explained how she and her husband Ruurd struggled to establish their B&B, and cooking school; and their most recent expansion.

Congratulations, Letizia! I'm only sorry that my photos don't do this beautiful new holiday rental justice. (Except for the top photo of her herb garden, which was taken by Letizia herself!)

Here's a photo of a plate similar to the original found in the farmhouse purchased by Letizia and Ruurd and which inspired the name of their B&B Alla Madonna del Piatto.


Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra, her new apartment looks gorgeous. I love the furniture she used and her decor. Very inviting. I hope to make it to Assisi with my sis soon and take her cooking class too. She sounds like a lovely person and a good friend.

I think your photos are beautiful. I thought of you today and I was so glad to hear from you and see your posts.

Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Sandra thank you so much for sharing the news. Things are really almost ready now, we have even planted some rosemaries outside, next time you come you will hopefully see this new baby of us in full operation!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra, thank you so much for sharing the news! Things are finally really quite ready, we have even planted some rosemaries! Next time you come to visit you will hopefully see it in operation!

AdriBarr said...

It looks wonderful! Thanks for the tour.

sandrac said...

Hi Kathy,
It's nice to hear from you! I think that you and your sister would love staying with Letizia, either in the B&B or in this apartment (which you would really enjoy, I'm sure) You might actually prefer the apartment, so you could make dinner in the evenings, enjoy some wine out on the terrace, and drink in the views!

Ciao, Letizia - it will be great to see it again, in all its glory!

AB, it is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by.

Elinor Florence said...

Hi, Sandra - Don't ask me why, but I found your name on some old document and googled you, and here you are! Or should I say, there you are, in Rome of all places! What a delightful discovery to see you following your heart to such a wonderful place. All the best from a former colleague at the Red Deer Advocate, Elinor Florence. I'm on Linkedin and Facebook if you want to stay in touch.

sandrac said...

Hi Elinor, it is lovely to hear from you! I see you are a published author now, I'm going to look you up on LinkedIn - see you there!