Sunday, 10 June 2012

Getting lost in Rome's Borghese Gardens

I went for a stroll up to the Galleria Borghese on Sunday and decided to take a walk around some of the park. Actually, I really went for a walk AROUND the park! After getting a bit lost, I wound up going all the way around the circumference of the 148-acre park.

It was wonderful! I had visited the park many times, but usually remained around the Galleria. But today, I saw some sights I hadn't seen before!

The Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna:

A tartaruga fountain:

Eventually, I found myself at the top of the Pincian hill, catching some great views from far above the Piazza del Popolo, looking towards the Spanish Steps:

Over towards the Vatican:

And some beautiful rooftops of Rome!


madonnadelpiatto said...

Fantastic Sandra, your knowledge of Rome secrets increases by the minute!

Anne said...

A few years ago, my mom, sister and I were in Rome for our first time. I had reserved tickets for the Galleria Borghese, although hadn't realized that was the name of the museum. We arrived in the park, got off the bus at a random stop in the park, then got lost. We tried asking a tour bus driver for directions to the Villa Borghese (thinking that was the name of the museum building). The bus driver kept insisting si, Villa Borghese and waving his hands around...we kept confusedly saying we were looking for the Villa Borghese, not seeing any buildings in the immediate vicinity. Eventually we gave up and starting walking in a random direction, no doubt leaving behind the impression of being idiot tourists! The kind who just keep speaking English only louder in hopes somehow volume will solve all translation issues! lol Happily we did eventually come upon the Galleria in time for our all was well in the end!

Susie L said...

What a fantastic day! All of the pictures are so beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

sandrac said...

Thanks, Letizia! Rome has so many interesting places I'll be searching for a long time.

What a great story, Anne. The name of the gardens as Villa Borghese still confuses me a bit -- I think of a villa as a building, not its grounds.

Hi Susie, it was fun and not too hot (yet!)

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Hi Sandra, your post brought back memories! A couple of (Roman) winters ago I decided to walk from my temporary home in the Campo to the Borghese Gallery. As you know, it's a long walk.. made longer by not *quite* getting my bearings. I saw a lot of the Borghese park that day, including the beautiful, mossy bare trunks of winter. It was absolutely still and quiet and I didn't see a soul about.
And that view over Rome to St Peters is magical, isn't it?
One lifetime is definitely not enough :)

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful day in Rome for you. I can't wait to take Paolo to the Borghese when we're there in December. We had tickets the last time but cancelled them because he was too tired. Imagine being too tired for art. I am still shocked.

sandrac said...

Liz, that must have been a very, very long walk!!! But isn't Rome in winter wonderful?

Jerry, I hope that you and Paolo are able to get to the Galleria Borghese when you're here at Christmas! Maybe I can join you?

Trekcapri said...

Hi Sandra, I am really enjoying all of your explorations. Your photos are all so beautiful. I love your rooftops of Rome photos.

I am learning so much more about Rome from your wonderful posts. Thanks so much for sharing your explorations with us. Have a wonderful evening.

Annie said...

Fantastic photos!